War Thunder Hack Tool Description

War Thunder is a war game in which you have to fight with your enemies. Game provides you aircrafts from 5 nations such as England, Germany, Russia, Japan and USA. You can pilot a fighter or a bomber plane. It’s your decision which type you will choose.

To be a good pilot in this game you need to have resources such as golden eagles and silver lions. You can buy them using real money or you can use our newest war thunder hack. People who made that hack were also players like you and they were frustrated that they needed to buy golden eagles to have better planes so they invented this cheat. It was designed so it could not be traced and that is the best part of it. You will not be banned after using this hack. We tested it and improved to not get caught on cheating. The major advantage of this hack is also a possibility to give yourself as much resources as you can have. You need to be careful though and do not be greedy. I also need to mention that thanks to this tool you will be able to add to yourself as much experience points as you want and you can also unlock every plane of every tier in every nation. If that is not enough for you, the hack is also equipped in an aimbot (watch video above). Now shooting your enemies will be simpler than ever.

The hack is working in every country and on every version of war thunder, but I recommend to you to always update war thunder and this hack so it could work properly. I forgot to tell that it has built in auto updater and if new version has come out it will be updated free of costs.

I wish to all of you best results using this hack tool. Enjoy your game.

War Thunder Cheats Download


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06 November 2016

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