I can’t download the file, can you help me?

I wrote an article about downloading, you can find it here.

Can you make a hack for this game?

Sure, just contact me here.

Why do we need to complete an offer to download the file?

The download mirror allow us to save bandwidth and at the same time keep our files safe. Server costs are very high due to the high traffic we get. The revenue earned from the surveys allow us to pay for the website, authorization servers and let us continue creating/updating cheats, generators etc.

I completed the offer but download didn’t start?

Try clearing all your cookies with CCleaner. Then create a new email address on GMail.com and try the survey again using the new email address. Also make sure you’re not using fake informations, as the surveys have ways to detect it. Mobile/cellphones offers are the easiest to complete and goes through all the time.

How to open .rar files?

To open .rar file you need to have WinRar or 7zip.

How do we can contact with you?

 Just contact me here and I’ll give you an answer.

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